How to paint a boat in 7 steps

25th September 2015

This article will show you how to paint your boat in 7 different steps. You don’t need any experience and in fact this was done by Teamac Marine...

Amy is Coming Home

24th September 2014

The Humber Keel and Sloop Preservation society are preparing to welcome home Amy Howson.

The Amy Howson was built at Beverley in 1914 by Joseph...

How to Mark a Waterline.

1st August 2014

With the boat chocked ashore and the old antifouling removed ready for the waterline to be marked up against the boot-top, the question now gets...

Build a boat

22nd July 2014

Boat Bed with secret compartments, we think hidden doors and secret compartments are in everyones dna.  We all want to have that bookcase where you...