Teal & Mackrill works closely with the British Coating Federation and the Marine Coatings Group especially with regards to legislation and potential demands in the industry.

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Marine Satin Finish

New product development continues to be defined by environmental and regulatory requirements in the marine industry and with this in mind, the search for an antifoul solution in the leisure industry continues.

“Whilst biocide free release systems are available for some vessels and structures they are not suitable in all circumstances,” points out Teamac’s marketing manager Danielle Dutton.

“Often boats are on the water for long periods with little or no movement and yachts generally don’t reach the suitable speeds to enable release type products to work effectively.”

Product testing

“Teal and Mackrill continues to satisfy the demands of this area of the market with its range of Teamac antifoul products, however product testing is always ongoing to counteract the potential hazards of marine fouling.”

When it comes to the environment, Danielle points out that Teamac manufactures safe and effective products for use on a boat and is committed to ongoing product research, trialling new raw materials and developing new products.

One such is Teamac’s Marine Satin Finish, a modified long oil alkyd marine coating that provides a satin sheen and is resistant to oil and water.

The product is particularly suitable for boat roofs and is available in black and red. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray and is touch dry in five hours.

Another addition to the Teamac range last year was Peelaway Marine’s antifouling remover. This is designed to remove multiple layers of antifoul coatings with one application and control the waste produced enabling the safe disposal old flaking and ineffective coatings.