East Coast Gaffers give children a unique sailing experience

4 groups of 3 Sea Scouts each have had a sailing experience and an overnight experience on the smack Sallie over a week long period during the school Easter holidays. Funding from the East Coast Area, the OGA Youth Fund and Teamac Marine Paints made the whole thing possible - but bad weather could still have played havoc. Happily the weather gods were kind...

The owner of Sallie explains: "As planned we had Jane (Scout leader) and three Scouts join on Sunday evening in view of the early tide, went aboard and prepared the vessel. Monday saw an early muster at 0500 and we left the mooring dead on high water with a lovely south easterly which died with patchy and occasionally thick fog before Osea."

To read more about the experience and more information visit http://www.oga.org.uk/news/east-coast-sea-scouts-sallie