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Marine Gloss

  • Excellent High Gloss Finish
  • Available to order in BS381C, BS4800, RAL & NCS Colours
  • Perfect For Wood, GRP, Steel & Aluminium
Bilge Paint

Did you know?

How to Mark a Waterline? 

With the boat chocked ashore and the old antifouling removed the question is how do you mark the waterline for paint?

How to Mark a Waterline
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Our Marine Coatings

Teamac is one of the leading brands of marine paints and coatings. All manufactured in the UK (Yorkshire) by an independent company. Here you will find a wide range of marine paints such as marine grade varnishes, topcoats, undercoats, primers, anti-fouling, deck paints, bilge paint and other marine coatings.

In our wide range of marine coatings we have 3 grades of antifouling paint, also known as bottom paint. Tropical Killa is our most economical antifouling but offers good performance and protection. Protector II is the next stage up – a cruiser grade antifoul offering competitive performance at a good price. Then there is our top range of paints – Antifouling D Plus and Antifouling A Plus. Both are physically abrading and offer excellent performance and protection for up to 24 months. We are also known for many other products – the main ones being Marine Gloss of which there are 52 colours available, Suregrip which is our anti-slip deck paint and Yacht Varnish. All products benefit from our experience which has built up over the year since we opened in 1908. Of course Teamac would not be Teamac without our very own range of marine primers. There is one available for every substrate including our Zinc Phosphate Primers (2 pack and single pack), all metals primer and wood primers.

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